Friday, November 13, 2009


Well I am a little behind due to my trip. Halloween night was a lot of fun! Ada had such a good time trick or treating! We started out the evening by going to our ward halloween dinner. We don't know many people in our ward yet but it was still a good night. Ada got to play with all the kids and enjoyed running around. They had some very yummy food too!

After that we headed home to go trick or treating. Ada LOVED it! She only took about two houses before she got the hang of it! Then it was "come on mommy, this house!" lol. Everyone thought she was so cute and so she scored way more candy than a two year old should have! We only went out for about an hour or so but it was PLENTY! We brought Boost along with us too and he liked being out with all the people.

After the trick or treating we headed over to a friends house for a small halloween party. It was nice to get to socialize and just relax. It was costume party so me and Scott were dressed to kill too. Scott was a nerd doctor and I was a nurse. My costume choices were limitd due to the whole fat stomach thing lol.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!

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DianaCotner said...

What a cute little dressed up family! Who knew Scott could really look so much like a nerd! haha!