Monday, December 14, 2009

A day of babysitting

Well Scott took off on Sunday to go head up the mountain and snowboard. I was extremly jealous and wanted to go with him so bad. Each time he goes I am glad he gets to get out but man I want to be on the mountain too!! So anyways, he went with a buddy from work and his wife and so I volunteered to watch their little girl so that they would give Scott a ride and we wouldn't have to shell out the money for gas. It was fun. She is just a little younger than Ada and they had a lot of fun playing together for the day. We did some finger painting and I finally got Ada to do the Christmas tree hand print one I have been wanting for my kitchen. Heres a few pictures of the day.
Playing peek a boo!

The finished project! It hanging in my kitchen :)

And here is a car seat swaddle blanket I just got finished making for Brayden. Ada wasn't so sure about me strapping her baby into the car seat but I had to make sure it worked with the holes for the straps etc. Anyways, I love it! Ada had to be swaddled so if this baby is anything like her then it will come in very handy!

PS I finally started posting on the craft blog so check it out!


The Richards said...

so cute! I've seen those and totally would have used one if I had a baby in the winter! Good job!

Jen said...

You are a very busy mommy! What fun projects and so many of them...I'm amazed. I love Ada's tree.