Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snow time fun!

Just a few pictures to enjoy of us playing in the snow! We had a great time today since they shut the base down at half day and Scott got to come home! We let Ada try out her new sled that we weren't going to give to her till Christmas but we just couldn't help it cause the snow was too good. We will probably still give it to her on Christmas because she is two and won't even remember! haha!


The Richards said...

So much fun! And it looks soooo cold!!! I am not one for snow but sure looks like they had so much fun! And I forgot in my last comment below to say YAY for Ada on potty training.. the camera totally distratcted me LOL

Jen said...

That snow looks very fun and cute sled! It is nice that she doesn't remember those kinds of things right now. Take advantage while you can! :)

DianaCotner said...

I love the super rosie cheeks in that last pictures. It is too cute!