Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Snowman by Daddy and new curtains

Well I was working on a craft project with Ada for a few Christmas gifts and Daddy thought it would be a good idea and use some of the left over clay and help Ada make a snowman. And actually it came out so cute I had to blog about it! He was very clever and used some left over candy corn for the nose, and then we had some branches from the Christmas tree for the arms, used some ribbon for a scarf and I found an old ink cap in my drawers that worked pretty good for the hat. Just used some gems I had for eyes, mouth, and buttons and all done! Its drying right now and I can't wait to put it on display! Ada had a fun time helping daddy!

Also my project for the day was to finish my curtains for the basement. Tiffany gave me some good fabric from IKEA and you can't beat free so I turned it into some nice curtains for the basement. They aren't the best work I have done but I like the way they came out. I am working on a mural for the wall above all the toys that ties in with the colors in the curtains. Ill post pictures of that when I get it finished.

Some days I swear its just one project after the next! I have a whole guest bedroom I need to get put together before my mom gets here, and tons of baby stuff to finish, and more Christmas stuff....hmm think I bite off more than I can chew?? Nah!

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