Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Another fun thing we got out of the tax return was a membership to the zoo here. The best part is I can bring a friend with us every time we go for free! Ada and I went with my friend Leslie last Saturday and we had a great time! Its a really nice zoo and they are even doing some construction right now that will be done by the spring time to make it even nicer. Ada loved to see all the animals and now that we can go anytime we want we will be sure to be going A LOT! She loved the monkeys and the giraffes the best! The giraffes here are very up close and personal and you can feed them biscuits. Ada thought that was pretty cool! I should have taken more pictures but it was a pretty chilly day and I was just not thinking about it. I will be sure to take more next time we go though.

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