Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mr Biggs

Scott and I took Ada a few weekends ago to a play place called Mr. Biggs we found online. It was a really fun time! And Cheap!!! This place has a huge indoor area called Little Big Town made just for toddlers that only costs $5 to get into! And that's for all day! We also ate lunch there and they had good, but really cheap food! We played for almost 4 hours and ate for under $18! I was very pleased about this. Its been hard here with it being so cold to find things to do with Ada that gets her out of the house a lot, so I was happy to find this. The Little Big Town has all sorts of shops set up like a salon, a vet, a hospital, a fire station. Also a huge indoor sand pit and a pirate ship with air soft guns to play with. All sorts of slides and climbing things too. Ada had a blast and was all tired out after we played. It was a good fun day! I plan on taking her back again next week with a few friends of mine and their kids! Can't wait!

Alright Dad, there you go! All caught up! Sorry I have been slacking! I have just been busy and pregnant! Such is life!

Oh a small update, I will be seeing the doctor again on the 18th of this month and he is going to strip my membranes at that point and he is hoping it just might do the trick! He says he will be a big boy and we should go ahead and try and get this labor thing going sooner, rather than later! For this I am so HAPPY!!! Until then he has ordered lots of walking! So thats what I am doing! We are so ready to meet our little man :)

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