Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our new girl Gin

Well Scott and I have been debating for a while on the idea of getting another Shiba for Boost to play with. We had talked to this lady for almost two months about little miss Gin and adopting her. Gin is a almost 4 year old shiba inu just like boost. She is not fixed, nor is boost. She came from a breeder who had ever intention of breeding her but then never did. Scott and I are planning on breeding them sometime either this summer or next winter. Depends what the vet says. She is a very sweet girl and so far is getting along good with Boost and Ada. She is still a little timid and is going to take some time to warm up to us. You can tell they did not give her all the love and attention she deserves. She will be taking a trip to the vet soon as well as the groomers. Ada and I already went out and got her some new toys and a new collar. We are very excited about her and anyone who is thinking of getting dogs, look at shibas!! They are such amazing dogs and I can't believe how well behaved both of them are.

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