Wednesday, February 24, 2010

First Bath

Brayden got his first bath yesterday. He was not a happy kid though. He did not like being cold so it was a very quick one! He did good though and once we got him dried off and cuddled up he was happy to be all clean and warm again. Funny thing though, Scott had got him undressed and all ready and I was drawing the bath water. He was standing there holding him naked and little man decided to go ahead and intiate daddy and pee all down the front of him! It was hilarious! Not to mention he did it again today while Scott was holding him. I have yet to be intiated and I hope it stays that way!

On another note, took Brayden to the doctors today for his 3-5 day check up and he is doing good. He weighed in at a whoping 6lbs 3oz. He has a slight case of jaundice but nothing to be to worried about. We just have to keep him in sunlight a few times a day for 30 minutes and make sure to feed often. He is doing really good at breastfeeding and we have not had any issues. I love getting that chance to bond with my babies. Its the one thing that I as a mother can do and no one else can. It makes me feel so much closer to them and I am so greatful that I am able to and that he is able to. Well thats all for the update for now.

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