Friday, February 26, 2010

Photo Shoot

Well since Scotty was so nice and got me that awesome camera for Christmas I thought I would have some fun. I am no professional but hey its a lot cheaper then going to the studios. Here's what I came up with!

And of course here are a few others that I have just been snapping.

So far things have been going really well. Brayden is a really good baby and Ada has enjoyed having her baby brother here finally. We have not dealt with to much jealousy issues or anything so, so far so good. Lets just hope it stays that way. I am doing really well. My labor was nice and easy and it seems the recovery is even easier. I can't wait till I can start working out again! I can't believe that tomorrow he is going to be 1 week old! That is so crazy to me!!!

On another note. We will be having Brayden blessed on March 28th here at our home ward. All friends and family are of course welcome but since no one really lives here we know that its hard, but we would love for anyone that can make to come!

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The Richards said...

glad you guys are doing good! I loved all the pictures you took. They look great!