Monday, March 29, 2010

Dad came to visit

My dad came for a visit so that he could meet his new grandson, and of course see Ada. It was a really good time with him here. We drove up to Boulder and met him on Saturday and walked around up there and had lunch. We also went to this tea house that was pretty cool. It was built in another country, can't remember which one, and then disassembled and brought here and put back together. I got this delicious cake there! Then on Sunday they drove down here and we went to Garden of the Gods. It was such a nice day!! We finally got to walk around and look at it! We had a good time, and Ada really enjoyed the areas that she could climb around on the rocks. Plus we got to take lots of pictures. Monday was just kinda a bum around day. We took Ada to the park to play and did a little shopping. Ada really liked having her Grandpa here. That kid loves when anyone comes to visit! It was nice cause Scott also had Monday off of work so he was able to bum around with us. He had to leave on Tuesday and head back. It was a really good visit and I was glad he was able to make it on his spring break from school.

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