Monday, March 29, 2010

Cotners came to Visit

So as you can tell we have had nothing but visitors since Brayden was born! Mom and Dad Cotner, along with Will, Diana, Colton, James and JR all came to visit for Braydens blessing. While they were here we were able to go yet again to Garden of the Gods and climb around a little bit. It was not as nice as the last time we went. It ended up getting pretty cold and so we headed out. That was on Friday, then on Saturday we decided to go bowling since it started to snow while eveyone was here. That was a lot of fun. It was fun to watch the kids bowl. To bad Ada did awesome and beat us all with a 138! I came in third behind Jimmy. All I know is I beat Scotty and that was enough :) We just kinda hung out after that. They had to leave Sunday after the blessing and a nice brunch as a family. We had a great time with them visiting but of course it was not long enough and we didn't get to see all the Cotners. Hopefully in May we will all be in SLC together! I must say having little Colton here was so much fun! He is adorable and such a little tank. Ada loved having him here. Oh and we did dye eggs on Saturday night too! That was fun to watch the kids do together. Ada would get so excited each time we pulled another egg out of a cup of dye. It was fun to see. Afterwards we gave Colton and Ada a bath together. They really enjoyed that. They splashed like crazy! Ada really enjoyed having her cousins to play with.
Braydens first bowling experience :)
Dying Eggs


Garden of the Gods

Bath time
Playing catch

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