Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hiking at Cheyene Mountain Park

We went hiking with a friend of ours yesterday and her two kids at Cheyenne Mountain park and had a good time. Unfortunately it had rained a few days earlier and parts of the trail were still pretty muddy. At first the kids enjoyed it and then they started to not enjoy it so much. It was making it hard for them to walk and Ada kept wanting to be picked up. But of course I had Brayden on my front and a back pack on my back so that was not gonna happen. We ended up turning around about half way in instead of doing the whole loop but the kids still seemed to have a good time and Ada really enjoyed walking the trails and playing in the grass and rocks and dirt. She pointed out most things she saw and would pick up rocks and leaves along the way and then decide she was done with them after about ten feet and find something new to carry. It was cute and the weather was so nice I was glad to get her out!

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