Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Grandma came to Visit part 2

This is a few pictures from Little Biggs. A place we went and had lunch while my mom was here. It has a bunch of play areas and a huge sandbox to play in! Ada loved it!

We had a great time while my mom came and I was so glad she was able to come out for a bit. It was nice to have her here and to get to spend some time with her just me and her. And the kids of course! She helped me out a lot with keeping the house clean and doing laundry and especially helping with Ada. Ada loved having her Grandma here and was sad when she had to leave. Can't wait till all the family comes out in June!

While my mom was here she was able to help get Ada enrolled in gymnastic classes and she is LOVING it! I can't believe how fast she took to it and how much she is already capable of doing!! Here are a few pictures of that. They are not the greatest but its because I forgot my nice camera and it was hard to capture a two year old on a point and shoot!

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