Saturday, March 13, 2010

Braydens Two Week

Well Brayden's two week appointment went really well. He is a growing little boy that is healthy and happy. We discovered that he is really strong when he decided to roll over from his stomach to his back the morning of his two week check up! I couldn't believe it. The doctor said he has a lot of muscle function for a baby and that he is STRONG! Everything about him is good and I am so so so in love with him! He is such a sweet baby and just loves to snuggle! He is a very easy baby. He sleeps well and eats well and doesn't get to fussy very often. Ada loves having her little brother here and is constantly asking to hold him. If he starts crying she is right there to try and help out with whatever he needs.

Two week stats:

Height: 19.5in (hmm since he was 20 when he was born he must have been squirming)
Weight: 7lbs 5 oz
He is 20% for height, weight, and head circumfrence. So he is very porportioned and healthy! The doctor was happy he had gained some since he started out so small. Also his jaundice is all gone!

Just had to include these cute pictures of Ada. We were getting ready for church and she was just too cute and dancing around.

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Jen said...

So cute! Wish we could be there to meet him in person. I love newborns. I'll be sad to miss that phase...