Saturday, March 13, 2010

A visit from my mom! Part 1

Well my mom came in for a visit to meet her new grandbaby and its been really nice having her here. She has been helping me with all kinds of things like laundry and the kids. We have been able to hang out and do some fun stuff with the kids too. We took Ada on a playdate to a place called little biggs and she had a blast playing. We also ventured up to Garden of the Gods. We couldn't get out and look at to much cause Ada was tired and fell asleep in the car. But we did get to climb around a little bit. She loved it. Also we went and walked around a small town called Manitou up at the base of pikes peak. Its a fun little town with lots of shops. We ate lunch there and just enjoyed the really nice day we had.
Ada also helped mommy make Grandma breakfast the other morning and I had to snap some pictures cause she is just so cute! Well we have more planned today so I am sure I will post again soon!

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