Saturday, April 3, 2010

Baby Blessing Comparison

I just wanted to post these two pictures next to each other. The one of Ada was here at 6 weeks old for her blessing. Braydens' was 5 weeks old at his. I am so glad Diana thought to stop and take a picture of him just like I had of the picture of Ada. Its so fun to see how much they look a like and I just wonder what he is going to look like as he grows up.

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FromTheBottomOfMyLVAD said...

Thanks for letting us peek inside your world. The Military Family is the CORNERSTONE of our Nation! God Bless your Husband your Family!

I love the photo of your baby laying up against the general issue, Dog Tags and the US FLAG.
It should be entered in a contest :-)

HAPPY EASTER 2010! (btw i posted a video i made for the civilian population to recognize the Military's COURAGE each and every day!)

Thank you again!