Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trip to Texas

Well since Scott was gonna be gone for a month we decided that we would take a road trip to Texas and see our old friends. Plus my friends husband was going to be gone for the month too so it worked out perfect! Ada had a blast playing with her old friends and it was fun to see the kids together again. Plus I got to show off the new little one. We had a good trip. While I was there it was Taylors 5th birthday so we got to join in the fun their. We also took the kids to Wazoos to play. I had such a good time enjoying my friends there too. I have made some amazing friends since we have been in the military and although we end up moving away from eachother we are still great friends!

Unfortuatly on the last day there we had a bit of a mishap. A candle fell off a mantel onto to Ada's head and we ended up in the ER and she got a staple to close it up. It was my first experience with rushing my kid to the ER and I would like to think its my last but I know better, especially considering what a little dare devil my kid can be. But luckily it was just a bad cut and she is ok.

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