Monday, June 28, 2010

Brayden at 4 months

I cannot believe that my little man is already 4 months! I am sure I have said that every time I post one of these monthly posts on him but my goodness he is growing up way to fast!! He is so much fun to have around, although he has started to teeth and that is just no fun for him at all. But on a big boy note, he has also started to eat some real baby food. We started him out on cereal just past his 4 month mark because he was just a hungry boy and needed some extra substance. He now does cereal in the mornings and a little baby food in the evenings. He is cooing and laughing and smiling all the time now. You can really start to see his personality coming out. He loves to be in the jumper these days as well as his exersaucer. Tummy time has always been fun for him but now he really enjoys it and can hold his head up strong. You can tell when he is on the floor playing he is ready to be moving but he is just not quite there yet which doesn't make him happy. He is such a joy to have in our family and I love to watch him grow and learn each day. We love you Bray Bray!

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