Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Visit Part 2

Tuesday while my family was here we of course, went to Garden of the Gods. I love that place and it is always fun to go there and see the beauty of it. Having all the family there was good for pictures too, but some how we did not get a single picture of all of us at the same time. Go figure. We had fun walking around exploring. The kids had fun climbing on all the rocks. After Garden of the Gods we went and walked around Manitou Springs and did a little shopping and had lunch. It was fun to explore the shops. The kids also got to play at a really cool playground there that had unconventional playground toys that I thought were pretty cool. Afterwards we just headed home and had a good old bbq and hung out for a bit. The kids had fun playing and swimming as usual.

Patty and Sandy had to leave the next day and so we really didn't do to much that morning. We got out the door a little late and ended up going to Waffle House for breakfast. After that I had to stay home so that I could go to a deployment briefing and the rest of them headed up to the royal gorge. They eneded up doing horse back riding for an hour and I was super jealous I missed it! It was Adas frist time on a real horse back ridding session. She was with Aunt Jenn and from what I know she did really well and had a lot of fun!

The next day was Matt and Lewis last day there as well so we drove up to Denver again since we were going to take Lewis to the airport and went to the Denver Aquarium. It was a pretty fun aquarium but smaller than I would have thought from the outside. Bray was in aw of the big fish tanks and Ada thought it was the coolest place she had ever been.

Since it didnt take as long as we thought it would to get through the aquarium we wandered down to a water area we had drove past and ended up playing in the river until it was time to go. We didnt have suits but the kids didn't care. They played and played. It was a really HOT day!

The next few days were just my mom and us and it was nice to just relaxing for a few days. She let Scott and I go out on a date on friday which was really nice of her. We took her to the airport on Saturday and have been recovering ever since!

We also snapped a few good shots of the cousins together before they all left and had a little mini photo shoot with Seryna in one of her dresses.

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