Monday, June 7, 2010

Painting the house

Well I have always hated white walls and this is the first place we have lived since we got married that has allowed us to paint. I have been so excited to do this but since I was prego when we moved in I knew it was going to have to wait. And then we had to wait for the winter to finally be done since it was always snowing outside and we needed to have the windows open. So FINALLY I was able to put some color on these walls. I am so happy with the way it all came out. I know that I picked colors that are not what a lot of people would pick but if I am going to paint then I am going bold and gonna love it. I am the one that has to live here afterall right?! Well here it is...

I went with a nice shade of green in the kitchen. Everyone that has seen these pictures says that it looks much brighter in the pictures then it actually looks on the walls. Its really a nice color if you ask me. I have always wanted a green and red kitchen and now I finally have it!

The color I picked for the bathroom was because of the awesome shower curtain I have that I really really love! I will admit, its a little more orange than I was going for but I actually really like it! Ada was nice enough to give me a hand in the painting process too...

This face worries me....its the, Im about to do something that I am not supposed to, face. But isn't she just to darn cute! She was so excited to get to help!

Not the best picture, it was off the cell phone..

And for the final reveal...drum roll please....My living room!

I am 100% in LOVE with this room!! I really really really REALLY like the way it all came out. I ended up re doing my pillows my self which I really like and I got new curtains, and I just did a few new touches here and there and then the color made it all come together! I think it really brightens up the room and gives it the feel that I was going for! We also mounted our TV on the wall if you can see it. I really like this cause now there are not more sticky fingers on it! I still need to find something new to put above it, and something for each side of the mirror on the other wall but all in all I love love love my living room now!

Well thats all there is to share!

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grandma said...

Looks good my dear. You have so much creativity in you, you blow me away. Love you and miss you all.