Thursday, November 25, 2010

Getting Big

Well Bray sure has been growing like a weed! He is starting to pull himself up on things now. He still doesn't due much more than an Army crawl but he is very capable of getting around. He also has popped out two teeth on the bottom and they are very cute! Still no hair though. I think he might be bald until he is 3! Just kidding but he really doesn't have much. He is babbling a lot now. And he can say mama and dada even though I dont think he is to sure he is doing it. He loves to watch his big sister play and will laugh and laugh at her. He is a little feriocious eater! If you are eating around him you better be prepared to share or have something to offer him! He really doesn't like to be left out and will try and get in the middle of anything any one is doing. He is a sweet sweet little boy and I am so thankful to have him around.

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