Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Ok so I know I am totally behind so these next few posts are all gonna be short but Ill do my best to include some cute pictures. Life has just been crazy and a lot has happened in the past few months.

Ok so Halloween was pretty fun! I had a good time spending it with friends I love. My first adventure was the friday before and we went to a local school that was having a little carnival with my friend Lauren! Unfortunatly she had just found out that her husband was injured in Afghanistan (one of the reasons things have been crazy!) so this was her last night in town and she has yet to come back! :( Makes me one sad girl with out one of my best friends here. But ok, back to halloween. So we did the carnival!

Then Saturday we carved pumpkins since we had been out of town for a bit and handn't got around to it yet. Then it was the ward trunk or treat and we went to that and had a good old time eating up some good chili, one which I brought, and then trunk or treating with the kids! It was good to be with my amazing ward family and see all the kids have fun!

Sunday was the day of Halloween and we went out with our good friend Kristin and her little boy Paden. It was a lot of fun. Ada completely had the hang of things this year and was off like any kid should be on a day all about candy! Paden was a little apprehensive so he didn't do to many doors. We got more than enough candy to last us forever!!

All in all it was a great halloween even though we didnt have daddy, and always wish he could be here for these things!

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Jen said...

Cute! Her painted face was really good! Great job. And what an adorable dragon. Hope you are well!