Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Well I dont even know what to write! It was a great Christmas this year even though Scotty wasn't here to enjoy it with us. I really wish he could have been here for Brays first! My mom came in and spent the holidays with me which I was thankful for. She got in a few days early and we spent the time doing Christmas stuff like shopping, and decorating cookies for Santa, and opening presents! Ada loves having her Grandma here and I enjoy the break she gives me. We watched lots of Christmas movies and just enjoyed being together. Both of the kids have been a little sick so we tried not to go out to much.

On Christmas eve the kiddos got to open the traditional jammies and then bath time of course. Afer that we let the kids open a couple presents from Grandma before bed and of course Ada loved that. I also got to open a few from the kids and I loved the electric blanket I got! After that mom and I played Santa claus and lets just say these kids are way to spoiled!

On Christmas morning Bray was pretty sick and started the morning off by puking all over mommy. So we were up to an early start. He started working on his stocking after that and then Ada came up the stairs and the look on her face when she realized her stocking had stuff in it which meant Christmas was here, was PRICELESS! Needless to say from there on it was a mad house of opening presents. Ada and Bray loved all the gifts they got as did I. Ada got baby doll stuff and a care bear from Santa, A shopping cart and littlest pet shop from mommy and daddy, Lots of zoo zoo pets and some new clothes from Grandma Debbie, Mobi go and dora things from Grandpa and Tiffany, and Dora cards from G & G Cotner, and a doll from her cousins among others. Bray got a sweet race car toy from Santa, a tool bench and a tunnel from mommy and daddy, a sweet new gun and wooden spoon from Grandpa and Tiffany, basketball hoop and sorter toy from Grandma debbie, and some books from G & G Cotner, and her cousins, among others. All in all it was a great Christmas. We spent Christmas dinner with some friends of mine here. It was a good time spent with good company! Ada got to get a ride in her friends sweet new car!

Can't wait for next year and having my husband home with me to share in all the joys of the holidays. If there is one thing I know its that family is everything and the holidays without your better half is not that much fun!

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Jen said...

What a Christmas! The kids are so happy! Cute, fun stuff! Looks like you made a few things, again, you're pretty amazing with your talents!