Monday, December 20, 2010

Batallion Christmas Party

Well we got the joy of going to the EOD Battalion Christmas party and it was actually a lot of fun even though we didn't have Daddy with us. We enjoyed spending time with some awesome ladies and having some good conversation. Not to mention a delicious feast of food! On top of all of that Ada and Bray got to see Santa again. Now there is a story behind this and I have to get it down because I want to be able to tell this to her when she gets a little older.

Ada has been asking for a care bear since her birthday. Well for her birthday I looked in A LOT of stores and could not find them. So I told her maybe for Christmas thinking she would honestly forget about it and move on to something else. Of course I was wrong and she has continued to ask for this thing since then. So I have been telling her if she is a really really good girl maybe Santa would bring her one. She has since asked Santa each time she has seen him for a pink care bear. Its the only thing she is 100% consistent on wanting for Christmas. Well after a little hard work I finally found one online and it wasn't to cheap. But she really wanted it and I didn't want to crush her belief in Santa so I got it for her. Now she of course doesn't know this and it will come from Santa on Christmas morning. Well the day of the party I told her that she would be seeing Santa again and that he would have a little present for her. They always hand out a small toy to the kids at this thing. Well she then told me all day that Santa was going to give her her care bear. I told her probably not tonight but if she was good hopefully Christmas morning. She insisted she was going to get it from him that night. Well the time came to go sit on his lap and ask him for what she wanted. As soon as she said care bear I was ready for the let down, and then Santa reached over and goes "I think I can do that" and hands her a CARE BEAR!!! I about hit the floor! Now part of me was so happy for her because she was beyond excited that Santa knew exactly what she wanted...and he really only did have ONE of them in his package of toys. But the other part of me wanted to hit Santa in the face!! I had searched high and low for this thing and was beyond excited to give it to her Christmas morning! Luckily this Santa only had a green one and she is still saying that Santa will be bringing her the pink one Christmas morning. But seriously?! What are the odds?! He had a bunch of the same toys, dolls for girls, and cars for boys and then about 5 random things, and of course one of those was a care bear! She has since then had this thing glued to her. She has to sleep with it every night. So I am just hoping she will still be excited for Christmas morning. Way to ruin it SANTA! haha

Anyways here the pictures I was able to snap that night. We had a lot of fun playing some games and decorating cookies and making a cute picture frame for her Santa picture.

Best I could get of the two of them

It was to cold outside for her
Bug and Jackson
The two of them being the two of them!
Theres the care bear
Doing a little putt putt
My handsome boy

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