Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fathers Day

Well Scott is still gone so we really couldn't celebrate Fathers day but we didnt want him to think we forgot about him. Its hard right now because we are no longer able to send him anything so we couldnt even send him a card or gift. So I came up with the idea of at least making cards and what not and just emailing him the pics of them. I know its not the same as getting the card but at least its something right?

So we got out the paper and pain and got a few fathers day print off offline and went to work. Bray really liked painting. This was the first time I have done it with him with an actual paint brush. Of course I had to help him a lot but he really enjoyed himself. Ada, as always, LOVES to paint so she was all about it. Plus it was for daddy so that made it even more fun for her.

I got Scott a new phone for fathers day for when he gets home but thats a little boring and so I went ahead and made him something for his night stand or dresser. I traced the kids hands and quilted a wall decoration or table decoration. for him of their hands, and at the bottom it says, we will always reach for you. I like the way it came out. Scott is an amazing father and we are lucky to have him as the leader of this family. The kids adore him and I am one lucky girl.


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