Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Circus fun!

Well Scott was able to get some free tickets to the circus this last weekend and we decided it would be a fun family day. It was a good circus too! It was Barnium and Baileys Funundrum or something crazy like that. Ada has never been to one before so it was so much fun to watch her take everything in. She loved getting to see all the animals before the show started. We got her one of those light up spinning toys and she thought that was pretty cool. She wasn't to sure about the clowns when they tried to talk to her, but she loved all the pretty princesses as she called them, as they spun on the hoops up in the air. Im pretty sure she thinks any girl that wears a pretty costume is automatically a princess. All in all it was a great day and loved just getting to spend time together as a family doing something fun.

Us looking at the elephantsAda and her sweet toyBray enjoying his first circus
Not to sure...
My new boyfriend :)
Our family

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